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Jefferson Farfán affirmed that the Peruvian selection did a good party before Brazil and it can go to more in the current edition of the America's cup in spite of the fact that they lost the party with a goal received in the minute ninety. " I think that we have entered with good foot the competition ", added the Peruvian football player, who completed a good party to offensive level with the selection of Peru. Farfán considered to be "incredible" that from the equipment directed by the Argentinian Ricardo Gareca the tie should escape from him before Brazil in his first party of the America's cup that is disputed in Chile. " I think that we confront very well the party. We knew that we were going to face a great equipment, but we remain prepared mentally and know that still we have opportunities to go on to the following round ", affirmed Farfán. The player of the Schalke 04
There are big chances that Jefferson Farfán recovers of the injury that he it afflicts and this due to the medicine that will apply him, though it is a substance prohibited for the FIFA. But, how is it possible it? The medical department of the Peruvian selection, headed by the doctor Julio Segura sent a document asking for the authorization in order that it could supply him to the 'seal', a medicine that it contains corticoids, since this one appears in the list of chemists corrected by the maximum governing entity of the world football. The response of the organization, directed by Joseph Blatter was positive and the forward of the Schalke 04 has big chances of recovering before the estimated and aligning in the decisive party before Colombia for the America's cup, as reported America Deport.

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